Maphunziro-265 was established against a backdrop of several Malawian children and youths failing to complete their education due to lack of school fees and other scholastic materials. Several organizations and individuals have stepped in to provide bursaries and scholarships. The challenge is that many needy youths and children across Malawi do not know of these scholarships. The individuals who know of the scholarship opportunities, do not have the adequate support as to make strong applications. Further to that, there is no scholarships directory or guide book which students can use to access a cross section of scholarships provided for and by Malawians.

Maphunziro-265 was established to link scholars in need of financial support and scholarship providers in Malawi (corporate and individual providers). Maphunziro-265 is a platform that lessens the burden for all individuals who have always wanted to contribute to the education of students in need but do not have the time to search for students in need. Maphunziro-265 allows such individuals, to develop and submit a call for students in need of financial support. Individuals are allowed to create an eligibility criterion that suits their target audience. The call is published on Maphunziro 265 free of charge.