Angeziwa Scholarship

The C. Angeziwa scholarship aims at helping teen mothers who are willing and determined to riseup and make a positive contribution to themselves, society and Malawi as a nation, as they disregard their past failures and move on to achieve their dreams. Despite being a teen mother, Angeziwa had to learn from the past and is now progressing on achieving her dreams. Teen mothers had dreams, they still harbor those dreams and they can achieve them given the full support.

Financial support towards tuition fees for 2 teen mothers will be provided for the whole school year. This will be renewed for each secondary school year based on satisfactory academic performance. The scholarship  is worth MK120,000.00/student/year.


  • Citizen of Malawi
  • Age between 12-24 years
  • Teen mother in secondary education-DCSS/government secondary school
  • Guardian available to support the child whilst the beneficiary is studying
  • Not married
  • Average grades above 50% percent
  • Cannot afford to pay tuition fee due to unexpected financial hardship (death or serious illness of one of the parents/guardians, damage of the house, financial inability of parents/guardians to provide support ).
  • Form 1-4

Application Materials

  • Completed application letter stating the willingness and determination to to excel and achieve in life and why you deserves the funds
  • Previous Official School Report
  • Letter of Recommendation¬†from previous Headmaster/ Authority from a learning Institution
  • Letter of support from the guardian indicating their commitment to support the child whilst he beneficiary is studying

Application Deadline

The Submission deadline is 30th August 2017.

Submission of Documents

Send completed applications and other applications materials to and; copy, and You can also Contact Estiner Katengeza on 0999570147