Call for Mentors and Mentees

Maphunziro265 is looking for individuals and organizations, in all fields, who are willing to allow a young boy or/and girl to spend a day at their organization to get a hands-on experience on their dream career. The boy or the girl will spend the entire day at your office, learning, and observing. The information acquired on[…]

Maphunziro265 Conducts Standout Talks

What does it take for one for get a scholarship/fellowship? What does it take for one to secure a university admission? How do you answer the question: tell us about yourself? These are some of the questions that were addressed at the standout talks that took place on 11th June,2017, at the International Christian Assembly(ICA),[…]

Mary-Maness Scholarship

The Mary-Maness Scholarship program is as a result of the Mary-Maness Foundation initiative to keep underprivileged children in school.   The Mary-Maness foundation is a Christian organization that focuses on keeping children from low-income backgrounds in school, through mentorship, provision of scholarships and donation of necessities. Financial Boost Each year, one scholarship of MK30,000.00 is awarded[…]

Thoko Chikondi Scholarship

The Thoko Chikondi Scholarship is a scholarship that targets disadvantaged young people that have no one to sponsor their education. Thoko Chikondi’s academic journey was sponsored by different well-wishers that were interested in her academic development. Thoko Chikondi is now an award-winning Photo-journalist from Malawi. Given this, Thoko Chikondi scholarship aims at providing the same[…]