Second Chance Scholarship

Do you feel that life didn’t give you an opportunity to go further with your education?? Are you currently working as a housemaid or a shop attendant? Are you willing to go to a night school but cannot afford to pay school fees? Then, this scholarship is for you. we all deserve a second chance.[…]

Butterfly Scholarship

A butterfly begins as a caterpillar in a cocoon. With time, patience and hard work it breaks free and eventually outcomes as a beautiful butterfly full of colour. The butterfly is the inspiration behind the butterfly scholarship. Girls too need mentorship, guidance, perseverance, support, and resources to nurture them in order for them to grow[…]

Angeziwa Scholarship

The C. Angeziwa scholarship aims at helping teen mothers who are willing and determined to riseup and make a positive contribution to themselves, society and Malawi as a nation, as they disregard their past failures and move on to achieve their dreams. Despite being a teen mother, Angeziwa had to learn from the past and[…]

Maranatha Scholarship

The Maranatha scholarship aims at helping girls who are willing to pursue careers in science subjects. Fields of science, technology, as well as mathematics are increasingly dominated by males in Malawi but girls need to  start believing the fact that once a woman makes her way to the top, more women will make their way[…]

Sonkha’s scholarship

Sonkha’s Scholarships aims at providing financial to support Community Day Secondary Schools Students in Mulanje, Malawi. The scholarship will provide MK7,500 to ten students in Mulanje. Criteria Citizen of Malawi Average grades above 50% percent Student in secondary education-DCSS/government secondary school Cannot afford to pay tuition fee due to unexpected financial hardship (death or serious[…]

VisionGrow Scholarship

VisionGROW Study Bursary targets disadvantaged boys that have sponsorship need for their education. Each year, ten bursaries worth MK20, 000 each will be awarded to 10 students based on 1. Need 2. Academic passion. This Bursary is aimed at supporting the education financial needs of Boys from Community Day Secondary Schools in Lilongwe peri-urban areas. […]