Financial Support


Each year, they are stories that are published in the media that show the number of students that have dropped out of school because they cannot afford to pay tuition fee. This challenge affects students in secondary schools and tertiary institutions.

As people of Malawi, both at home and in diaspora, we can work together to reduce the number of brilliant students that drop out of school because they cannot afford to pay tuition fee. We can develop individual scholarships within our budget to help students in secondary of tertiary institutions. For example, Chikondi can develop a MK20,000 scholarship or bursary for students that meet her criteria. Chikondi will be able to send this call to Maphunziro265, and we will run it on our website, and social media accounts free of charge.

Chikondi will manage the selection process of the students that benefit from her scholarship. Chikondi will also management the payment between Chikondi and the institution of the beneficiary. Chikondi has total control of her money and the scholarship.

Did you know that with Mk6,500 you can pay one term tuition fee for a student in a Community Day Secondary School(CDSS)?

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