Each year, they are stories that are published in the media that show the number of students that have dropped out of school because they cannot afford to pay tuition fee. This challenge affects students in secondary schools and tertiary institutions.

Nongovernmental organizations(NGOs), Civil Society Organisations(CSOs) and Private Sector, have always been a partner in the promotion of inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. This has been through the various social responsibility programs that focus on improving access and quality of education in Malawi.

NGOs, CSOs and Private Sector, you can further promote education in Malawi through scholarships that target tertiary institutions in Malawi. As an institution, you are free to develop a scholarship based on your budget and sector. You are also free to develop the selection criteria. You submit the call for applicants, and we will run it on and our social media accounts free of charge. This applies to both small, medium and large institutions.

If you are an institution that is already running a scholarship program, then you can submit your scholarship and it will be run on free of charge.

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