mentorship-blurOur voluntary mentorship program brings a pool of enthusiastic, passionate and progressive persons from a variety of disciplines and with adequate experience working with young people in Malawi. Through this program, sustained, profound and fruitful relationships will be established to bring about young Malawians who are positive about the future individually and able to contribute to the positive development of their communities and our beautiful country, Malawi.

Our Team of volunteers will share their knowledge, experience and techniques learnt over time to help guide young people through their experiences in life and aim at having a pool of progressive and development conscious people both at personal and communal levels. Consistent with the objectives of Maphunziro265, our Mentorship Program emphasises education promotion, career guidance, and navigating through the maze or life and education goals.

Apart from encouraging personal development in all spheres of life, we believe education has the potential to open doors to vast opportunities and better ways of doing things.  Through Maphunziro265 Mentorship Program, we aim at achieving a mutually beneficial experience that is catalytic to development.

Meet Maphunziro 265 mentors.

If you are interested to join our mentorship program as a mentor or mentee please send an email to Lusungu Kalanga, Mentorship Coordinator at and copy